Recap of Las Leñas Trip

July 20th, 2009 Posted in sports, travel

Written by Jamie

As some of you might know, we first moved to Argentina in 2005. We purchased and lived on a farm in the southern part of Mendoza. The reason we chose the area was to be close to Las Leñas, and specifically the Marte chair (we are in the early stages of writing a book on Our Life in Argentina, Chapter 1, more on that later).

Well, we hadn’t been back for two seasons. As luck would have it, our schedule and the weather window opened for a bit last week, so we packed up the Wonder Dog, skis and mate and made the 14 hour journey northward.

It was so great to be back in the big Andes. Those mountains command respect and rightfully so!

Top of Sans Nom_1

The snow was classic Las Leñas; windbuff, smooth and fast, just how we both like it!

Viva Las Vega$_1

It was nice to come back to the area and remember all our favorite lines and sneaky entrances.

Vega$ Entrada

The wind came up one afternoon and reminded us how powerful it can be.

Las Lenas Front Side_1

All in all, we are giving the trip a diez puntos rating!

Big Andes_1

  1. 5 Responses to “Recap of Las Leñas Trip”

  2. By Peter Fuszard on Jul 20, 2009

    It’s been over ten years since I skied Las Lenas and rode that superfast widbuff on Marte but seeing those photos brought back images seared into my mind, especially those peaks in the last shot.
    Thanks for the piece.

  3. By Patagonia on Jul 20, 2009


    Thanks for the note. Yes, for us big mtn skiers, there isn’t anything quite like getting up to speed and staying there for awhile.

    Suerte, Jamie

  4. By Roberto Wallace on Jul 21, 2009

    Great shots of a very impressive place. We skied there 5 years ago and used to enjoy the Termas down in Los Molles. Great place!

  5. By Patagonia on Jul 21, 2009


    ¡Tienes razon! We have a piece of land just down the street from the hot springs you speak of.

    Abrazooo, Jamie

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