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Global Healing Circle

October 10th, 2008 Posted in day to day, healing

Written by Jamie

As we posted last week, our dog Suerte has been really sick. If took us quite a while to figure out what his ailment was. We now believe he ingested some type of toxin or poison, which affected his liver and his central nervous system. Suerte appears to be on the mend, acting more like himself each day.

We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support on many fronts. Since we live across the world, and don’t speak perfect Spanish, we took advantage of the internet to be educated on his condition as best we could. We sent pictures, downloaded videos on Youtube of his convulsions, etc so others could see.

As a result, we have many people to thank for their contribution to Suerte’s recovery. Many of them we have never even met, which makes it even more incredible for us.

In no particular order we would like to say gracias to Dr Spoturno-For meeting us on a Sunday night and finding a person to do an ultrasound, Ana-Her Reiki sessions, including several where we drove to her house and she did her magic in the car out front, Leslie in Nevada-Her off-hours phone calls, positive thoughts, and suggestions, Sharyn in Colorado, a healer from the German Shepard message board and Dave in California, a vet from my ski message board-For their diagnosis and translations of what was going on, Holly in Buenos Aires-For her long distance Reiki, Goya-Our new homeopathic vet here in Bariloche, who happens to speak perfect English, Florencia and Rafael, two vets at the Patagonicó Vet Hospital-For being so thorough as well as slowing down and speaking clear Spanish, Sabrina and Rigs, my lifelong friends, both acupuncturists in California-For their expertise on how to treat liver issues, Laurence in Buenos Aires-For her translations of all this medical stuff into words we could understand as well as her guidance, Susan in Texas, from the German Shepard message board-For her amazing insight and suggestions, all our friends on Facebook and the readers of this blog that sent us emails and positive vibes.

We truly believe this group effort is the reason Suerte is still with us. We are closely monitoring him, and are hopeful for a full recovery.

Suerte last month after a nice ski tour on Cerro Ventana.

  1. 7 Responses to “Global Healing Circle”

  2. By Goya on Oct 10, 2008

    Your welcome. For me it is very important to work in group and with humans companions trying to feel what is better for Suerte.
    Kisses to him

  3. By Patagonia on Oct 10, 2008


    ¬°Eres un angel!

    Abrazo, Jamie

  4. By Raymon on Oct 12, 2008

    You need to get Suerte in Outside or Ski magazine … Put a bandana on him and an earring and he’d looking very studly with the skis in the background.

  5. By Patagonia on Oct 12, 2008

    Good idea Raymon. Suerte is a rock star for sure! Adios, Jamie

  6. By Holly on Oct 13, 2008

    Anytime you need reiki, just let me know!!! Glad to hear the boy is better!

  7. By Patagonia on Oct 13, 2008

    Holly, that is very kind of you, thanks again!!! Abrazo, Jamie

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