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Bariloche Real Estate in Today’s Market

October 25th, 2007 Posted in real estate

Written by Shanie 

My parents are coming to visit in a few weeks.  They are interested in looking at properties to buy so Jamie and I decided to do some homework and see what is out there in today’s market.

As it did when we first started looking, the prices of real estate in Argentina, in this case Bariloche, is at an amazing value.

We looked mainly at properties between US$80,000 and US$100,000.  I was surprised what that little amount of money could still get you.

We found two and three bedroom homes, with quality construction, available on good size lots.  Some even had peaks of the lake, though most at this price were mountain view lots.  Some of the homes had areas that needed to be finished (such as a bathroom or deck), while others were turn key and ready to move in or rent out.

With such decent prices, the ability to buy an asset is still a definite possibility.  Where else in the world can you purchase a property that provides a positive cash flow yet is still located in a worldly paradise, not to mention in a national park?  The options for such a situation are becoming harder and harder to find.

Granted, we are not in the United States or in Europe so things are different.  Patience, thinking outside the box and an ability to go with the flow are mandatory for doing any international real estate, let alone Argentina.

But, for me, what it comes down to is quality of life. 

The ability to buy a home that works for me helps make the differences worth it. 

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  2. By LittleH on Dec 4, 2007

    Sounds like Argentina is Heaven on Earth for investors, not to mention people who would like to live like kings! You are lucky people!
    Katie Benty
    Prudential CA Realty

  3. By Patagonia on Dec 4, 2007

    We consider ourselves very thankful to discover this special place in the world. We hope some of our friends and family will join us someday soon!

  4. By MEREDITH w on Feb 10, 2008

    I am thinkig of moving from US to Bariloche or Mendoza…the fact that it is mostly in a National Park is of concern to me though….how much will they value my individual property rights? Is it a UNESCO run park?

    Looks gorgeous there….and you have a great blog. Very informative!

  5. By Patagonia on Feb 10, 2008

    Hola Meredith,

    Thanks for the note.

    No reason to be concerned about the area being a national park, we have all our rights. Property rights are the same as in the States, you own it out right. The national park label just means that the area is protected from big development, which is a good thing.

    Feel free to email us if you have more questions or would like help finding a place to live.


    Adios, Jamie

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