The Flora and Fauna vs Mother Nature

August 26th, 2008 Posted in fauna, flora, weather

Written by Shanie

After an amazing four days straight of blue bird weather and the optimum environment for excellent skiing, another storm has arrived. We’re happy to see it.

One – I will never get sick of storms. Two – it’s nice to have a new layer of snow to enjoy (ski patrol claims there is two feet of new on top from today’s precipitation).

To play in the weather, I took the dogs for a walk in the pouring rain. While walking through the downpour and dense forest, I noticed that although Mother Nature still had her winter dress on, the flora and fauna were ready to move into spring.

The first show in change of seasons was a Notros bush in full bloom. The red needled flowers didn’t seem concerned with the temperature. There was no wilting or saddness to their appearance. The petals were standing at attention; seemingly saying to Mother Nature, “Bring it on!”.

The second sign of rebellion was a huge red headed wood pecker that flew directly in front of my face and then up to a perch on a tree. The moisture wasn’t bothering him any. It might have been helping him find some dinner, now that I think about it.

Although winter is my favorite time a year, it was wonderful seeing the plants and bird-life coming alive.

On second thought, maybe all of the seasons are my favorite…they all have something to give.

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