Mother Nature Serving It Up!

July 21st, 2008 Posted in sports, weather

Written by Shanie

It has been purely marvelous getting some good turns in the last couple of days. My legs and soul are very thankful.

Yesterday we hiked up to the summit of Nubes chairlift. It was a spectacular day of wispy clouds floating in and out, like a ghostly hand playing hide-n-go-seek with the awe-inspiring view.

Although the Nubes playing field had seen its fair share of players, we were still able to find some sweet, cold snow.

I love what mother nature does with frozen water particles.

When the clouds cleared out, the mountains were blazing in all of their glory…

and then the cloudy condensation would move in and obscure the massive Andes…

Either way we were loving it…

How can you not? It was so surreal and beautiful out, it was hard not to be stoked.

Thanks once again Mother Nature!

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