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Mountain Rider’s Alliance, A Grassroots Movement Changing the Way Ski Areas are Run

September 15th, 2010 Posted in business, day to day, lifestyle

Written by Shanie

It is hard to believe we are three weeks away from leaving this beautiful country that has helped us learn so much in the last five years. Currently in San Rafael, we have been reminiscing about the days in the beginning, as this is where our Argentine life began. We have had tears rise to the surface thinking about leaving, as that is how much Argentina has grown on us. We do love this place. But other adventures lie ahead…and plus it is pretty difficult to be a part of a movement in North America when you live in Patagonia.

This is our latest press release from the business that we are creating, and why we are leaving this wonderful part of the world. We would love to hear your thoughts…

A new paradigm is emerging in ski area management: one that’s globally-based, rider-centric, environmentally sustainable, sensitive to local needs, and skier-and-snowboarder-owned

Truckee, California – September 9, 2010 – Rising lift ticket costs, negative impacts on ski communities and the environment, and the desire to combat climate change have all led concerned skiers and snowboarders to form a global collaborative group, Mountain Rider’s Alliance (MRA).

MRA is a movement of snow enthusiasts who are dedicated to changing the ways ski areas are run. MRA’s mission is to create rider-owned-and-operated ski areas that are rider-centric, environmentally sustainable and sensitive to local cultural, social and economic concerns.

All MRA business decisions will be based on three principles. The first principle is operating and developing value-based, rider-centric ski areas that put skier and snowboarder needs and wants first. Secondly, all MRA projects will be environmentally sustainable by creating “ski-energy centers” that strive towards a zero carbon footprint by producing and selling alternative energy to local utilities as well as utilizing the best in green practices. The third element is to be socially responsible to the communities surrounding these mountain playgrounds.

To raise awareness about this new ideological shift in managing ski areas, Mountain Rider’s Alliance has launched a website, www.MountainRidersAlliance.com, and blog, www.MRABlog.com. MRA also has a Facebook Fan Page, and Twitter account, MtnRA.

As MRA identifies potential locations and develops a master plan, the Alliance will offer reasonably-priced investment shares to the global ski community to create true rider-owned resorts who will exercise their ownership rights for the long-term advancement of the sport and not short-term profit. MRA expects to announce the location of the first ski-energy project in December 2010.

Mountain Rider’s Alliance was founded in 2010 as a LLC, incorporated in Wyoming. MRA has established partnerships with like-minded nonprofit organizations including Protect Our Winters, SkiDUCK, Sustenator and Peace Pedalers.

For more information, visit the MRA website, or blog, or contact Mountain Rider’s Alliance directly at info@MountainRidersAlliance.com.

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