Catedral Closed Until More Snow Falls

June 30th, 2008 Posted in sports, travel

Written by Jamie

Cerro Catedral was forced to close their slopes to skiers until more snow falls.

Last night it rained pretty hard and felt warm. Waking up today and looking at the peaks across the lake, it was pretty obvious it has rained to the top of the peaks.

So, we are in a holding pattern in these parts until we receive more snow. The forecast calls for some heavy precipitation from Thursday onwards.

  1. 9 Responses to “Catedral Closed Until More Snow Falls”

  2. By Kathy on Jul 1, 2008

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! We are leaving tomorrow for Buenos Aires and will arrive in Buenos Aires on the 21st of July. Hopefully, there will be snow by then..what do you think?

  3. By Kathy on Jul 1, 2008

    I mean we will be in Bariloche on the 21st!!!

  4. By Patagonia on Jul 1, 2008

    I think a lot came happen in 3 weeks. The forecast looks promising. Vamos a ver! Jamie

  5. By steven hatcher on Jul 2, 2008

    Vamos a ver, indeed! And we’ll see you in three weeks or so. We’re under a seriously annoying high pressure system ourselves. Must. Break. Soon.

  6. By Patagonia on Jul 2, 2008

    SeƱor Hatcher,

    I will order up some powder for your trip. Nos vemos, Jamie

  7. By Get a job in Antarctica on Jul 4, 2008

    That’s just wrong…JH had one of it’s snowiest winters in history, the North American mid-west experiencing record flooding – China tambien, yet there’s no snow where there should be?….in related news, people at the South Pole may not be able to join the “300″ club for the 2nd consecutive year…and only the third time in recorded history that the temperature at the South Pole hasn’t reached -100F …but there is a whole lot of winter left…so we won’t lose hope yet.

    Cheers….and I’d just like to say I appreciate how informative this blog is!

  8. By Patagonia on Jul 5, 2008

    Will, could you kindly explain what the 300 club is? Adios, Jamie

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