Cerro Catedral Season Begins

June 25th, 2008 Posted in sports, travel

Written by Jamie

Well, after several false starts, the 2008 lift served ski season has begun in Bariloche. The snow conditions were pretty good on the upper third of the mountain.

Even though the ski resort is open I would still call it “low tide”. The mountains can still use some more snow. I think a nice storm ought to do the trick.

The other highlight besides skiing again was being treated to some friendly condors buzzing us on the ridge line. Shanie and I agreed, they are the coolest birds ever. Whenever they fly over head, we feel very lucky.


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  2. By Quickroute on Jun 26, 2008

    I keep coming back here because I love the photos! Keep it up and yes more photos please!

  3. By Tim on Jun 30, 2008

    Agreed, Great Photos!!!

    I heard a very nasty rummer about Cerro today. Any truth about another closing?

  4. By Patagonia on Jun 30, 2008

    Tim, I think you heard correct. I was just about to post the news. But you beat me to it. Hope LL does you right. Adios, Jamie

  5. By mekoy on Feb 19, 2013

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