Our Son the Canine Californian Lifeguard

October 3rd, 2007 Posted in day to day

Written by Shanie

Our ten year old canine son was crying out in a pained bark. One that I had never heard. I couldn’t see him but I could see the tall grasses with white, fuzzy tops swaying with his disturbance.

Bergen had moved to Argentina from California with us.  Our sixty five acre wine vineyard had made Bergen a dog in hog heaven (or is that dog heaven). Bergen enjoyed the peace, quiet and tranquility of farm life. He had become a little younger, more spry and agile with the change.

Sixty five acres does a doggy good.

We were out on our daily walk to the river, behind the farm; following the animal trails through the wide open landscape.

Bergen had sprinted ahead; playing and leaping over small bushes as we made our way down to the waters shore.

I could hear him thrashing in the desert sagebrush. He sounded to be close to the river.

I quickened my pace.

Concern gripped my heart.

Had he become stuck under a fallen tree limb in the river?

“Bergen! Come here, boy!”

I came through the tall barrier of grass separating the shore from the desert brush. There was Bergen. Down at the waters edge, his claws were gripped firmly into the soil. His weight was shifted back and his teeth grasped something black and furry. A small pink nose and black head suddenly popped out of the water.

It was a baby goat.

I heard a little bleeeehhhhhp escape from the struggling small animal.

Bergen stayed with the scrambling goat.

The goat didn’t know what to think.

Its slippery, thrashing hoofs couldn’t purchase any grip on the slick, steep river embankment. Bergen finally got a good grasp on the scruff of the neck to slow the little creature down. I took the moment to slip down the muddy hill and scoop the goat out of the river.

Bergen stood up on his hind legs for a second to see if the goat was okay.

The baby trembled in my arms; cold from the river and frightened from the experience. It nuzzled its small head into my armpit. I felt it let out a sigh.

“Wow, Bergen! Nice one. I am so proud of you. You just saved this little guys life.”

Bergen looked up at me, winked and smiled. Just another day for Bergen the Super Dog he says to me with a look and cock of his head.

The amazement that my boy had just saved a little goat’s life made my heart swell with pride. A goat is an animal that he normally enjoys chasing. My dog was able to realize the importance of life is more then the barriers of type of species. 

“Lets take your new baby brother up to the house and warm him up.”

Bergen raced forward. I hugged the goat tighter and started jogging to the house.

What a great exchange to witness.  

I guess you just never know how an animal will come into your life.

Bergen with his Argentine canine and feline siblings (he is the handsome one in the foreground, to the right)

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