Patagonia Investment Property Virtual Tour

June 1st, 2010 Posted in day to day, lifestyle, real estate

Written by Shanie

For those that haven’t heard yet, Jamie and I are being pulled back up to the northern hemisphere due to an exciting new business venture that we are involved with that has to do with green energy. As thrilled as we are to be involved with such a stimulating project, we are still saddened to be leaving behind one of the most beautiful places that we have come to know…and having to sell our precious property.

My work project today was to put together a virtual tour of the property for some real estate agents. As I worked on the video I couldn’t stop thinking about how special this place really is…

Where else in the world could I truthfully state that I had the pleasure of watching condors fly past my window on four separate occasions in just the last week?

Or a property that allows us to endulge in the eye candy supplied to us every night by the Patagonian sunset artist…

Or a place that lets me wander across the street to the lake whenever the urge to sit on a beach arises…

No. I don’t think I am going to come across something quite like this again…it really is hard to leave paradise.

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  2. By shane lewis on Jun 2, 2010

    love it

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