It’s a Bird’s Life in Patagonia

May 18th, 2010 Posted in fauna, lifestyle

Written by Shanie

So, one of the great things about our property is the chance to see a variety of birds playing and flying in their natural habitat.

One interesting trait that we have been able to observe is some territorial flight fights going on between hummingbirds.

For the last few years we have had one certain guy play havoc on all other hummingbirds that want to enjoy our feeders. He has his special place upon the top of a tree, where he sits and waits for others of his kind to approach “his” place of nourishment. As soon as he senses that there may be encroachment he flies with brovado; trying his hardest to scare others away.

But there has been one downfall to his greed…he has become chubby keeping all of the sweet nector to himself. This has created a bit of a problem for him as it has slowed down his defense.

I guess it just goes to show. Greed doesn’t pay off in the long run…even in the animal kingdom. Hmmm…that just might make a good children’s story…

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