Argentine Humor

May 29th, 2008 Posted in culture, politics

Written by Jamie

As I have posted before, the farmers and the government have been at odds over export taxes on crops such as soy beans. The farmers have had 3 spearate strikes, then the government starts dialogue with them and they stop striking.

There are people called Cacerolazos, that bang their pots and pans to protest. On the other side are the Piqueteros who support the government and demonstrate against the Cacerolazos. The head of the Piquetros is a thug named Luis D’Elía. He and his posse try to intimidate the Cacerolazos into not protesting.

I came across this funny game on the internet. It can be found here. If you don’t read Spanish, the goal of the game is to control Luis and punch the pot bangers. If you pick up a choripan (authentic sausage sandwich), Luis moves faster. Occasionally Nestor Kirschner, the husband of Christina, pops his head out of the pink house.

Use the arrows to move back and forth and the space bar to punch. Click on the red bar, Jugar, to begin. Enjoy!

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