5 Patagonian Medicinal Plants

April 2nd, 2010 Posted in culture, flora

Written by Shanie

As is the case throughout the world, the native people of the Patagonia area have been in touch with there natural surroundings for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. With their connection to the beauty of Mother Nature, they have come to understand the healing properties of the plant life. In fact, the use of the medicinal plants is a long standing tradition among the Mapuche.

In a study about the native Patagonian cultures, it was discovered that the tribe uses over 260 wild plant species for healing purposes. Here are five that they use that are specific to this area:

Quinchamali: used for aniti-inflammatory and intestinal issues

Amancay: used for gynecological and obstetric needs

Coihue tree: used for analgesic and anti-inflammatory purposes

Chilco: used for gynecological and obstetric needs

Notros: helps dermatological issues

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