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What Do You Miss Most?

April 28th, 2008 Posted in lifestyle

Written by Shanie 

What do you miss most from your home country when traveling or living abroad?

We’re interested to hear from you what you miss most.

For me, the spicy, exotic flavors of Thai food are something my taste buds yearn for. 

Another missed pleasure is skiing Squaw Valley’s KT-22 with our friends.  The great fall lines, fast, non-stop runs and amazing skiing ability of the Tahoe tribe is like no other in the world.

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  2. By Matt on Sep 29, 2008

    I guess when I travel to Argentina for an extended period of time, I tend to miss what we consider normal-fare for breakfast.

    I also miss a big juicy greasy hamburger occasionally.

    The things that I really appreciate in Argentina include the friendly people, the wonderful fresh bread, the amazing chorizo and chorizo seco and most anything handmade with dulce de leche.

  3. By Patagonia on Sep 29, 2008

    Matt, we found two places here in Bariloche that serve an American breakfast. The hotel Llao Llao and the Map Room downtown.

    Totally agree about the juicy burger. I guess that’s the tradeoff for the best steak in the world, themeat isn’t as fatty and the burgers aren’t as good.

    Suerte, Jamie

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