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Bariloche Restaurant Review: Los Timo

January 12th, 2010 Posted in business, entertainment, travel

The sounds of the Patagonian winds whip around the house, whistling with the soft jazz music being played on the stereo. The fire is warmly spilling an orange light over the dinner guest’s relaxed faces. Looking out the panoramic windows, the moon highlights the white breaks of waves on Lake Nahuel Huapi. It feels like an intimate evening enjoying good food and drink at a friend’s house. But it’s not.

Welcome to Los Timo, an elegant dining opportunity in the home of Inés and Julio Timo. Located twenty three kilometers outside of Bariloche center, Los Timo creates an experience that is on the same level as the most-esteemed restaurants of Argentina. It is an original idea in a culture that supports and nourishes “homemade” businesses.

The Timos moved to Bariloche from Buenos Aires, wanting a more tranquil life. They found a piece of land with an amazing, world-class view and built a beautiful dream home. Realizing what they had was very special. They decided to adopt the closed door restaurant concept of Europe and Central America and open their living room and kitchen area up to paying guests for a romantic, social dining experience.

los timo view

Inés and Julio have created their own distinct rolls within the restaurant. Inés is an experienced, innovative chef that plays with a Mediterranean flare (she also is an amazing tango singer — ask about her CD, it’s a worthy listen). She uses her adept abilities to procure interesting and tasty dishes into ten course meals. Julio fills the shoes of the maitre d’, DJ and conversationalist, doing all with equal care and thought.

The dining area, originally the living room, seats around twenty people. The doors open at nine pm. Julio helps facilitate an atmosphere of friendship and uses cocktail hour before the cuisine is served to introduce the fellow guests. A sparkling beverage is served to help lighten the air. Conversation is encouraged. The open kitchen allows guests to witness their food being prepared and join in if the urge arises.

When the time has arrived, Inés gives Julio a nod to show the guests to their individual tables. The only menu that is presented is one for wines and cocktails. The regular menu has already been predetermined by the day chosen when making the reservation. The different courses that are presented vary with each evening, providing a fresh experience with each visit.

Inés offers for her appetizer courses such concoctions as pumpkin focaccia bread with garlic and fennel, baked brie with honey glazed pistachios, bacon, pear and brie cheese rolls and fresh tabouli salad. The dishes are presented in a parade of flavors, offering a change of tastes with each plate.

The main courses can vary. The staple Argentine steak is offered, at times, with a succulent mushroom, pepper sauce. In the end of November Inés was offering a marinated leg of lamb with caramelized onions and pureed yams, garnished with olives marinated in Cognac. For the main dish of the first week in December a light, pumpkin cannelloni blanketed with a watercress pesto and goat cheese was created.

The desserts are as diverse as the pre and main courses. Homemade ice cream and baked delectables help round the multitude of dishes off with a brush of sugar. Teas and fresh coffee are also served as part of the meal.

After the bellies are full conversation is once again spurred on, if so desired. Relaxing and taking in the moment of being with friends and loved ones is suggested by the hosts. Time is of no importance. The company is.

With that in mind, I arranged to with Inés and Julio a surprise 40th birthday party for Jamie. The night was a great time. Amazing food. Impressive wines. And fun entertainment…I also organized a troop of belly dancers to give the birthday boy a dance…

belly dancers

and the restaurant easily transitioned into a stage…


Los Timo is a rare and unique dining indulgence; an opportunity to meet people and enjoy great food. If mingling with strangers and being in an intimate atmosphere is not your cup of tea, then Los Timo may be one to skip. But for those that enjoy that type of atmosphere, this is a restaurant experience to put on the list.

To see Los Timo’s menu selections and how to make a reservation check out their website www.lostimo.com.ar. They are located off of Bustillo KM 23.6 outside of Bariloche city center. Dinner, excluding alcoholic beverages, is 80 pesos per person. That includes the appetizers, main course, dessert, coffee, water, tea and soda.

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