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Argentina Announces Reciprocity Fee

December 17th, 2009 Posted in travel

Written by Jamie

The Argentine government has decided to implement a reciprocity fee to United States ($131), Canadian ($70) and Australian ($100) citizens.

The stamp is valid for the life of the passport, up to 10 years. The fee is only being charged at the international airport, EZE. Visitors that arrive into Argentina through other means will not be subject to the fee.

The government is quick to point out that Argentines are charged the same amount when traveling to these three countries, and it is merely a reciprocation fee.

Update: The fee will be in effect starting Saturday, January 1, 2010.

  1. 5 Responses to “Argentina Announces Reciprocity Fee”

  2. By Martin on Dec 18, 2009

    NK es un estúpido. I hope the next president spends a fair time of his presidency undoing all the s*hit NK and CK have been doing.
    The last thing ARG needs is fewer tourists. If the Argentines are not happy with the way they are treated by US inmigration officers, then they should avoid the US and travel to ‘friendlier’ countries. But doing the same thing they are criticising is plain stupid.
    Ah! I am Argentine.

  3. By Patagonia on Dec 18, 2009

    Martin, tienes razon! Saludos, Jamie

  4. By Wayne Bernhardson on Jan 2, 2010

    As I’ve written on my own Southern Cone Travel blog, this is not unfair, but it is foolish.

  5. By Patagonia on Jan 2, 2010

    Señor B,

    You are also very correct.

    Feliz año nuevo, Jamie

  6. By Bank Card USA on Mar 23, 2012

    5. A chicken crossing the road: poultry in motion.

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