Patagonia Upland Goose

December 8th, 2009 Posted in fauna

Written by Shanie

One of those special birds only found in South America, the Upland Goose is a wonderful representation of color differences male and female fowl.

The man, in all his flamboyance, is dressed in his black and whites. A robust, stark white chest meets a black and white striped wings. The ladies are camouflaged in a low-key brown, with some mellow striping on the wings, a rust colored head and yellow feet. The female has often been known to be confused with a rarely-seen Ruddy-headed goose.

Their size is not of a meek goose…weighing in around six to eight pounds and having a length of 25 to 30 inches long.

Upland geese like to live in open areas where they enjoy shorter grasses for feeding and more dense vegetation for their nests made out of greenery and breast feathers. It is common for the mom to lay five to eight eggs in September and October. Soon after hatching, the chicks will leave the nest, staying close to their parents and feeding on small insects and plants.

Male Upland Goose with chickPicture courtesy of Will Richardson

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