Friends, Alfajores and Mother Nature

November 25th, 2009 Posted in day to day

Written by Shanie

Our good friends from Lake Tahoe, Audrey and Will, are here for a week visit. It is so absolutely wonderful and delicious for the heart to have good friends visiting.

Adventurous, fun-loving people, the drizzly weather yesterday wasn’t reason enough for the two not to get out into the Patagonian forest with us and do some hiking…

The leisurely stroll along Rio Goye left the couple in appreciation and understanding. The forest painted the picture for the reasons of our infatuation with the beauty. The twittering birds explained why we left our giant circle of chosen family in Tahoe to live here. The expansive views that looked out towards Chile set the explanation point.

But there was one other aspect other than the lush, pristine landscape and awe-inspiring vistas that really excited them…

The Alfajor. The sweet-tooth-loving, slightly addicting, Argentine rendition of a Hostess Cake, is one of those little gifts of joy that traveling abroad offers. And an indulging aspect of life for those that are locals.

Audrey and Will were excited when opening their little present from Argentina…

audrey and her alfajor

will and his alfajor

Bergen even got in on the excitement…

bergen alfajor

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