Thunderstorms in Bariloche

February 24th, 2008 Posted in day to day

Written by Shanie

Living in San Rafael, Mendoza, we were often treated to the wondrous sounds and visual displays of thunderstorms and lightening shows.  But since moving to Bariloche that has been a thing of the past.  That is until today.

The days have been hot.  Which is great for swimming in the lakes (no wetsuit needed in Lago Nahuel Huapi) and enjoying all of the fun outdoor activities, but not so good for the plant life. 

Today, Jamie was giving me a massage outside on the lawn.  Within a few minutes, the winds picked up and the sun’s rays were shadowed by looming clouds.  The accumulation of evaporating moisture was building strength and overtaking the sky.  The rumble of the gods bowling above offered relaxing sounds to go along with the massage.

The clouds continued to grow and rain drops started to fall.  If plant life could show emotion, I think there would have been a collective sigh of relief from the flora as they felt the wet droplets touch their leaves. 

Hearing the thunder and watching the bright blue sky fading to grey made me realize how much  I missed nature’s powerful show of evaporation, condensation and electricity. 

Thank you mother nature for taking your show south!

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