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The Amancay Flower

February 26th, 2008 Posted in flora

Written by Shanie 

The Amancay is a very beautiful and popular flower in the Bariloche area.  There are many businesses that use the name of this wild plant for their enterprise.  Many consider this to be the most lovely of all the Patagonian flowers. 


It grows abundantly in damp forests.  It likes little sun and grows well in shady areas.  It develops to a height of about a foot tall and covers the forest like a golden carpet.  Its roots grow deeply into the soil and its seeds spring forth new flowers easily, allowing for it to propagate through the dense Patagonian forests.  The flowers are bright yellow and orange, with red flecks  on two petals.  It has narrow, green leaves.  The plant shows itself in September and October and the flowers bloom in December and January.

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