A Happy Ending!

July 15th, 2009 Posted in day to day

Written by Jamie

I am very happy to report that the homeless dog we previously wrote about now has a home!

Cuca y Madre_1

Cuca and her new mom seem to be very happy together. ¡Que bueno!

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  2. By Roberto Wallace on Jul 16, 2009

    Great! Believe me, me we were highly tempted (as our 21 yr companion “Cala” passed away recently) but my son had already promised a pup of the first litter of his french bulldog which should appear on the scene anytime. We commend and applaud your efforts — Cuca is a lucky dog!

  3. By Hector Martingano on Jul 16, 2009

    Hi Jamie !!

    This is Mariana’s father jumping on the occasion to have the pleasure of writing you. Your picture of our daughter and her new friend is really nice.

    My compliments for your complete and interesting blog, I found it very helpful for people visiting Bariloche. I will recommend my friends to have a look at it before travelling.

    Thanks very much to you and your wife for all your support to Mariana and for being so kind with her.

    My wife and myself hope to meet you during our next trip to Bariloche.

    With our best regards,

    Ana and Hector Martingano

  4. By Patagonia on Jul 16, 2009


    Sorry for your loss. 21 years, is that a record?


    Un gusto y gracias por las palabras simpaticas.

    Saludos, Jamie

  5. By Roberto Wallace on Jul 22, 2009

    Hola Héctor, yes 21 years is quite a life for a dog, we had picked her up as a stray dog in Calafate, Lago Argentino (hence her name “Cala”) back in 1990, as all dogs do, she gave us a lot in her long lifetime.


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