Our Neighbor Hotel Llao Llao

July 10th, 2009 Posted in culture

Written by Shanie

The five-star Hotel Llao Llao, located just down the street from us, is an elegant, monumental piece of architecture built within the majestic beauty of the Patagonian wilderness. And, even though we have mentioned the amazing architecture before, I thought it was deserving of a more concise write-up of what it is all about.

The hotel was originally built by Alejandro Bustillo in 1938. The initial building was made entirely of local, hand-carved wood. It, unfortunately, burnt to the ground within a year of completion. Bustillo built a new building made of stone and metal the second time around, insuring that the tragedy would not occur twice.

The hotel was a wealthy tourist destination for many years. But the cold and grey days of military rule in the late 1970s caused the large doors to be shut. It wasn’t until 1993 that the hotel was completely refurbished and opened again for tourists’ enjoyment.

With the reintroduction of the grand hotel there were many amenities that were added. An 18 hole, world-class golf course was created, circumnavigating the hotel. The greens are framed by towering mountains, thick forests and the shimmering waters of Lago Nahuel Huapi. For a portion of the course, the lake’s beaches create the dreaded sand pit.

Two delicious restaurants, that rival the best restaurants of Buenos Aires, were also created .

1. The elegant dining experience goes by the name of Los Césares. Here you will find delicately- made dishes, ranging from miniature lobster quiche to crepes drizzled with a rum liqueur and Dulce de Leche sauce, that is made for you at the table. The wait staff greets you with royal elegance: crisp white gloves, perfect posture, a hand behind the back. The feeling of true decadence is experienced in Los Césares.

2. For a more casual, cozy and informal experience the Café Restaurant Patagonia is the perfect choice. The same chef of Los Césares creates the delicious dishes of this restaurant as well.

There are 147 rooms in the hotel ranging from a standard room that has views of the hotel park and access via stairs only to the lake view rooms that have world-class views of the lake and Andean mountains.

The hotel also offers a concert series in the spring and summer. This is a special bonus for any traveler wanting to experience live music in a grand setting.

Hotel Llao Llao view from dining room

It is important to note that you do not have to be a guest of the hotel to enjoy some of its splendor. With reservations, a person is allowed to enjoy the bar, both restaurants and the concert series.

Hotel Llao Llao has been rumored to be in the works to expand their hotel operation… is something that will help or hinder Bariloche in the future? Let us know your opinion.

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