Hongo de Sombrero

June 25th, 2009 Posted in flora

Written by Shanie

Although we haven’t spoken about fungus much, the chlorophyll-lacking, organic matter-eating, simple-cellular organism of kingdom Fungi is one of my favorite visual sideshows in the forest. The northern Patagonian climate is a fantastic growing environment for the mushroom family and the lineage of edible and inedible varieties runs deep.

Hongo de Sombrero

With the plentiful rainfall as of late, we have seen an abundance of colorful toadstools, molds, smuts and mushrooms popping from the damp Patagonian soil.

One such to show itself is the Hongo de Sombrero. A poisonous bunch of rustic colored, unevenly shaped caps, the Paxillu statuum, as it is known in the science world, enjoys a wet, shady atmosphere. Springing to life quickly, it is dried up and waiting for the next season of growth within a few quick days.

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