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Patagonia; A Land of Romance

December 31st, 2007 Posted in lifestyle

Written by Shanie

The sun slowly crawled behind the glowing pink mountains, hiding from the moon in its daily game. The birds sang their sweet songs of departure, hailing the sun goodbye until tomorrow.

The rose light slowly enveloped the clouds as they lazily drifted along their never-ending journey.

The moon began to show its grand harvest globe, peaking out between the cleavages of twin snow peaked mountains. The moon rose higher and higher with each passing minute, seemingly gaining self-esteem with each inch upward. Soon it was a massive sphere, masked by an iridescent hue from the twilight.

The perfect shape of the moon, with the golden face, made its way up to the silvery-pink clouds. The condensed moisture greeted the moon with tranquility. It surrounded the moon, making it feel warm and loved.

The lovers, taking in the shimmering moon being filtered by the scarlet-highlighted clouds, drew each other in closer.

Aaaaah….Patagonia the land of romance and lovers.  Wait a second…did I just say Patagonia?  Isn’t that the land of wind and open land, a place not necessarily known for its ability to bring the lovey-dovey feelings out?

True, Patagonia is a land of wind (especially further south) but Bariloche is a lover at heart.

The long sunsets, leisurely walks on the beaches and delicious chocolate help create an atmosphere of passion.  It amazes me how many places we have come upon that feel like lovers point, minus the high school students.  Well… that’s not completely true.  There are many lovers at these vistas bursting with teenage lust and adolescent pimples, they just don’t have cars usually.

Another helpful component to the amorous vibe is the healthy amount of candle lit, cozy and tasty restaurants.   A few weeks back I went to a small, locally owned restaurant, Naan,  with a friend of mine.  The owners open their living room into a sensual, candle lit dining atmosphere a few nights a week.  The main dining room has a view that looks out over the city and beyond to the lake.  There was a couple sitting in the corner, enjoying their moment alone.  They kissed and played footsie.  I occasionally looked in their direction, snoopily wondering where in Argentina they came from (I assumed that they were Argentine because of their ability to not worry about the Public Display of Affection).  I was wrong!  They were from Europe.  A place that is not known for their PDA.  I was amazed.

It seems that the romance of Patagonia gets the best of us.  It makes us want to hold hands, smooch and cuddle.  And I appreciate it.  In my opinion love is a continuum…give and it shall be given.

Patagonia is playing its part to create a world full of affection.

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