Starting in Lake Tahoe, CA; Positively Affecting Everywhere

March 10th, 2009 Posted in business, politics, resources, sports, weather

Written by Shanie

This post doesn’t necessarily deal with Patagonia on the surface, but it does stand for something that positively affects everywhere on the planet.

I recently had an article I wrote published in Nth Word Magazine about pro snowboarder Jeremy Jones and the non-profit organization he created to fight global warming (or said in another way: the negative human actions that are creating climate change), Protect Our Winters. A local to our beloved United States stomping grounds, Lake Tahoe, Jones is a great guy making a positive difference for our world. I admire him and what he stands for.

Check out POW by clicking on the banner to the right or the highlighted word POW. Help keep our snow world alive, join POW in keeping our winters cold.

Big Mountain Pro. Photo courtesy of Jeremy Jones

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