An Argentine Passion Going to Good Use

December 24th, 2008 Posted in culture, day to day

Written by Shanie

As we have discussed before, Argentines are very passionate people. Whether it is futbol, mate or moneda, they go about life with a zest for the little things. Another subject of enamor that we haven’t discussed yet is their love for putting purchased items in a bag, and usually more than one — first the little, individual paper bags with colorful print to protect each-and-every small trinket, then maybe a clear plastic bag for the paper products and then the final bag, which sometimes is as large as a big department store, high-quality, paper bag with handles that you might find in the States (but only containing a few items).

We are the type that try to save trees by passing up paper bags. We are also owners of cloth grocery bags because the national flower (the plastic bag stuck to a bush, blowing in the wind) is something we try to not contribute to. We have often gotten the look of astonishment and a pout from the cashier when we pull out our fabric carriers.

But there is one time of year that this comes in handy — Christmas. The majority of the shops step up the level of wrapping and, often times, add cute, ornate little bows. It’s pretty nice for those of us that don’t like wrapping presents, plus it is free. I have no idea how much it would cost to have ten or so presents store wrapped in the States, because that was a luxury I couldn’t afford. Besides, the store clerks make it look so much prettier than I ever could.

So, thanks to all the professional wrappers that make our Christmas tree look that much better.

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