Nature’s Little Friends

November 28th, 2008 Posted in culture

Written by Shanie

Parque Nahuel Huapi has some little helpers.

Legend has it that dwarfs and fairies live among the Lengas, Coihues and Arrayanes trees. They are the protectors of the woods. It has been long known amongst locals that they frolic amongst the old growth forests, playing in the newly budding plants, waterfalls and meadows.

They are happy little beings that enjoy playing jokes and pranks on humans and each other. In the evenings they run through campsites, picking up litter and objects left behind by humans, helping to avoid any destruction of the Patagonian forests. They enjoy bathing in the streams and making sure the water remains pure. They also are known for playing with magical energy balls that have the ability to pass positivity and good to all that come within its energy sphere.

Both locals and visitors alike have stories of sightings. You, too, may be able to see one. There are a few requirements though. First you must believe. You must enter the forest with an open mind and an appreciation for fantasy. Secondly, you must show complete respect to all aspects of nature and children. Thirdly, and most importantly, one should enter the forest without fear. So, while experiencing the enchanting beauty of the Lakes District keep your eyes open. You may just realize that fantasy is only another aspect of reality.

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