Looking for a Family

October 30th, 2008 Posted in day to day

Written by Shanie

I can’t say I have ever seen anything quite like it.

Tuesday evening we came home from El Bolsón to find a strange dog sitting in front of our guest house. Our guests had no idea where he had come from.

He eagerly wagged his tail and rolled onto his belly when anyone came near or we tried to get him to leave. Food got him on the outside of our fence, but nothing we did was keeping him from coming back — despite our greatest efforts.

So fast forward two days and the guy is still patiently waiting on the casita porch, without the enticement of any food, water or attention. When the guests left today he bounced off with them; looking like an expectant puppy ready to go for a walk with his master. I thought maybe that was it, maybe he was heading down the road. But a little later I noticed he was back with a smile and a questioning look of “All I need is a family…please help me.”

Being that we have three dogs we don’t have the room for a fourth. Surely we would adopt him if we had the space. Since we don’t, we need to find a home for this guy. That’s where we were hoping our readership could help. If anyone knows of someone that has the space and love for a great dog, we have the kiddo for you.

The vet down the road, at the peninsula,  has offered to fix him and give him all his shots free of charge. We will be taking him in in the morning.

So, operators are standing by. He’s a real keeper.

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  2. By Ted on Oct 31, 2008

    Poor guy. Looks and sounds like a sweetie. Wish I can take him. But being on the road for the next year doesn’t make a good life for a puppy.

  3. By Stonette on Oct 31, 2008

    Can your parents bring him back home to us? Oh wait, Oreo will eat him, dang it! I wish I wish – look at that FACE!

  4. By Patagonia on Oct 31, 2008

    Ted, Stonette and the rest of the world,
    Last night Shanie put a collar (for today’s vet visit) on him and he sang and howled for awhile. We have not seen him all day.

    Somehow I don’t think this is the end of the saga.

    Thanks for the comments, Jamie

  5. By Ted on Oct 31, 2008

    Poor little chap. I hope he’s ok. Selfish of me because I am not taking care of him but I hope he materializes again. At least it’s spring and getting warmer.

  6. By Quickroute on Nov 1, 2008

    There is a lot of dog abandoning in these parts – hope he’s ok.

  7. By Patagonia on Nov 1, 2008

    Ted, I share your opinion. No sign of him yet. shanie put signs up around town, we will have to see how this plays out.
    QR, tienes razon!
    Adios, Jamie

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